Speech and Language Therapist - Sutton ColdfieldI graduated from Newcastle University in 1987 with a degree in Speech and Psychology, moving to Sutton Coldfield shortly after to take up my first NHS job as a Speech and Language Therapist. After working for several years I took time out to bring up my children. I returned to the profession 10 years ago, combining private practice with NHS work. Since 2015 I have focused solely on an expanding private practice.

During my career I have been fortunate to support many different children and families and have gained wide experience working with a vast range of communication difficulties, in homes, schools, nurseries and clinics.

I specialise in working with children who have delayed language skills, problems with their speech sounds, or children who stammer.

I have a keen interest in keeping up to date with new research and techniques and enjoy combining new innovations alongside more traditional approaches.

Things I believe: that…

# Working alongside parents is vital – you are the expert on your child. Working together is the best way to develop positive communication strategies at home and carry these over into everyday life.

# Your child is a unique individual and will need therapy tailored to their needs.

# Therapy should be enjoyable, rewarding for your child, and effective.

# Most young children respond best to therapy where they feel comfortable and secure – usually in their own homes.

# Close liaison with your child’s other ‘important adults ‘(nurseries /schools) ensures their communication is well supported outside the home.

And lastly, As a Speech and language Therapist I like to bring to therapy my extensive professional experience, alongside all that I’ve learnt as a mother who has had the privilege of observing and encouraging the development of effective communication skills in my own children.