Talking about speech, language and life as a Mum of two. Sharing my thoughts, tips and techniques to help you support your child’s communication.


Speech & Language Therapy - Family

Talking about families and encouraging good communication habits at home, with lots of ideas!

Speech & Language Therapy - Language

Talking about words and sentences, with tips to help if your child seems behind.



Talking about Speech Sounds, with ideas to help your child speak clearly.

Speech & Language Therapy - Stammering

Talking about what stammering means, with top tips on how to help.




Please be aware that the tips & ideas offered in this blog are intended to point you in the right direction & are consequently only at a basic level. They are in no way a substitute for a face to face visit with a Speech and Language Therapist. If you are at all worried about your child’s speech and language skills then please contact me, or your local professional, to arrange a visit and get individual advice for your child.