Speech Therapy - Sutton Colfield Speech therapy aims to improve a child’s speech, language and communication skills. It can also boost confidence and have positive impacts on a child’s social and educational development. Speech Therapy is a broad field and can help children with a variety of delays and disorders spanning from mild speech delays to more complex conditions such as, Autism and Down syndrome. Most Speech and Language therapists have areas of particular interest and expertise. I specialise in working with children who have a variety of communication difficulties including:

Speech Sound Difficulties

# Children whose speech is not very clear and have difficulty making themselves understood.

# Children who have certain sounds they are unable to pronounce.

Language Skills

Difficulties understanding language

# Children who don’t seem to understand what is being said or can’t follow simple instructions or questions.

Difficulties using language

# Children who are late starting to talk or slow to put words together.

# Children who are struggling to use words to communicate or to build sentences to express themselves.

# Children who have problems learning and remembering vocabulary.

Difficulties with attention, listening and turn-taking – all of which are fundamental skills for language development

# Children with poor listening and attention skills.

# Children who find it hard to take turns.


Difficulties speaking smoothly, also known as fluency or stammering

# Young children who are having trouble getting their words out or are beginning to stammer.
# Older children and teens who stammer.


If you think that your child may have any of the difficulties outlined above, they may benefit from Speech Therapy. Please feel free to email or ring me, I would be happy to talk. There may be no cause for concern but you will feel better having spoken with someone within the profession and will know what to do next.

Speech Therapy