“Gail’s support, help and advice has been invaluable to me and my daughter”

Gail’s support, help and advice has been invaluable to me and my daughter. When my daughter first saw Gail she did not say any words at all and was very quiet. We are now a few months down the line and my daughter now can use several Makaton signs, says over 50 words and is starting to link words together. We could never have imagined this back in May and now all the worries and concerns I had are melting away as she continues to flourish. Hearing her beautiful little voice say “Mummy” is the best feeling in the world. Thank you so much Gail.

Kate Mum of Amelia (aged 2 1/2)


“The sessions were so easy going and relaxed it was like having a family friend over for a cup of tea!”

We approached Gail to get her support with our 8-year- old son’s speech. Ollie had been previously assessed by the NHS several years before but the problem hadn’t cleared up and we wanted some additional help. Gail was only with us for a few sessions but made a huge impact through making Ollie aware of what he was doing in a fun manner and providing us all with insights on how to improve this.  All of the sessions were interactive and involved us all as a family, mostly playing games! Gail has made a great difference helping us understand activities we could focus on and building Ollie’s confidence. The sessions were so easy going and relaxed it was like having a family friend over for a cup of tea!

Jeff and Aimee (parents of Ollie aged 8)


“We would have no hesitation in recommending your services to potential clients.”

We are extremely grateful for the support that you provided to Sam during his early years. Your skills assisted in the early diagnosis of his speech challenges (the need for grommets) and then helped him develop his confidence in communicating with his friends and peers. We would have no hesitation in recommending your services to potential clients.

Mark and Liann, parents of Sam


“we were recommended Gail by the school Izzy attended”

I cannot recommend Gail highly enough.  Why? Two days ago my five and a half year old came home from school with a note that reduced me to tears.  It said ‘your child has been chosen to be a narrator’.  My daughter is now understood by all who she meets, she is happy and confident and expresses herself beautifully.  Somewhere between eighteen months and two years ago I was also reduced to tears, that time because a child my daughter had round to play looked at her and said, as children do: ‘you speak like a baby, I don’t know what you are saying.’ We had known for a while that Izzy had not developed certain elements of her speech as other children her age had.  We would have to repeat whatever she said so others could understand her.  We asked to be referred for speech therapy and faced the long waiting list that so many do.  During that time we were recommended Gail by the school Izzy attended. She instantly sparked a relaxed and nurturing relationship.  Izzy would look forward to the sessions and be disappointed if it wasn’t a ‘Gail day’. Using games and activities to engage her she addressed her main areas of delay and provided us with activities to do too.  Izzy never saw this as a task but as fun.  I am certain that without the input and care that Gail gave I would not have had that note home this week!

Becci (mum of Izzy)


“she made me happy”

I liked doing the games and saying the pictures. She helped me to know how to sing songs.  She made me feel better at doing my speech…..she made me happy.

Izzy (age 5)


“Gail only visited 6 times and my son’s bumpy speech stopped”

I can highly recommend Gail Andrews as a speech therapist. She came to our home to help our son who was suffering from ‘bumpy speech’. We had been advised by our local NHS speech therapist that William would probably carry his bumpy speech into adulthood because my brother stammers as an adult. I sought help from Gail. William had been stammering for 9 months and his condition was getting worse. He had gone from a very outgoing and chatty young boy to a nervous and sensitive boy, almost shy. He wouldn’t speak to strangers and was very conscious about speaking to anyone.

Gail only visited 6 times and my son’s bumpy speech stopped. I’m happy to say that even with 3 house moves and a move to another country, William’s speech remains very good. He has just started a new nursery and is making friends and is back to my chatty, confident little boy. This is all thanks to Gail’s advice and guidance.

Sallyann (Mum of 4 year old William)


“We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Gail to others”

Gail provided the most amazing support for my twin girls Scarlett and Lara. We discovered that the NHS route would take some time so decided to contact Gail who initially worked with the girls (and us) on a weekly basis. Gail was able to identify the key areas for us to work on.  To have this understanding really gave us insight into where we needed to focus our attention.  The girls loved to see Gail and her ability to make the sessions fun, hold their attention whilst developing their speech was impressive. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional at all times. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Gail to others, she made a big difference – thank you Gail.

Kate (mum of Scarlett and Lara)


“Gail was very encouraging and kept Tyler engaged”

You’re help was invaluable to us, and we really appreciate everything you did.

Tyler was 3 years old when we started our sessions, he only had 4 sounds in his sound system and we were very concerned. Gail was very encouraging and kept Tyler engaged the whole session. His speech improved massively after only a short time. Gail gave us lots of things to do in between our sessions to help Tyler and went beyond our expectations. There is nothing like hearing ‘mommy’ for the first time, and Gail gave us that. Highly recommended!

Kayleigh and Adam (Tyler’s parents)


“Gail’s experience really showed during our sessions”

Gail worked really well with Jess – she was very patient and caring and made the activities fun.  She really helped us, as parents, to understand how we could support Jess’s language development and also understood our anxieties.  We have seen a few Speech and Language Therapists and I can honestly say that Gail’s experience really showed during our sessions.  If and when we need SALT input again I will definitely call Gail.

Angela, mum of Jess (now 5)


“it was a pleasure to have her in our home”

We had the pleasure of meeting Gail after a friend’s recommendation.  She came to our home to meet our 9 year old son and help him with his difficulties with his stammer and worked with him intermittently over 2 years.  We were surprised and impressed that she not only wanted to get to know our son (C) but also the rest of the family too and she spent time with us all.  She helped us see that we had to help C as a family with all of us working together.  She was great with C and understood him and his needs, working through play and laughter.  Apart from being professional and knowledgeable about speech and language, she is a thoroughly nice person, understanding, helpful and honest so it was a pleasure to have her in our home.  The techniques she taught us have greatly helped C and I’d have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone.”

Bobbie (mum of C)


“Her approach has been very successful and I am so pleased”

My three year old son, Sam, has always had speech challenges. He was developmentally slow to speak and the clarity of his words are poor as he doesn’t finish his words and often uses the incorrect sounds.  Unless you are aware of the context of his conversation it can be very difficult to understand what he is saying and his sentence construction is filled with lots of lots of “da da da’s”  He frequently gets frustrated and more recently he began to stammer over certain words. Having been referred for speech and language therapy through the NHS, I was concerned that there was little they would do before the age of four, so I sought Gail’s help.

Gail spent a lot of time listening to these problems, she then gave a lot of advice and information about which area of his speech needed addressing first. The strategies that Gail recommended have been easy to implement and most importantly Sam enjoys them, particularly his scrapbook! Already, there has been an improvement, Sam no longer stammers over certain words and he is more confident at trying to have a conversation.

I cannot thank Gail enough for her expertise and the help she has given us. I would thoroughly recommend Gail to any other parent experiencing similar problems with their child’s speech.  Her approach has been very successful and I am so pleased that we didn’t wait until Sam was older before addressing his speech problems.

Lisa, mum to Sam, aged 3


“my son’s speech improving as well as his self-confidence and self-esteem”

Gail was my son’s speech therapist and in a very short time I saw the impact of her work. Gail built a good rapport with my son very quickly as well as the rest of my family. Gail used child centred activities which were also very challenging to aid his progress. This lead to my son’s speech improving as well as his self-confidence and self-esteem. Gail always took the time to explain the purpose behind each activity or any homework that was set for him which l found extremely useful. I was very happy with her work.

I have no reservation in recommending Gail’s work and would not hesitate to call her if l needed her help again.

Mrs J Morris mother of a 9yr old son


“growing into a confident, happy boy”

Our family has really benefited from Gail’s professional help. She was extremely thorough, knowledgeable and understanding of our needs. She worked together with us on various strategies that our whole family were involved in. Over a short period of time, we are delighted that our 6 year old son has overcome his stammer and is growing into a confident, happy boy. We would thoroughly recommend Gail & her great service.

Sarah D


“She acknowledged, empathised and understood our concerns”

Having identified Oscar’s speech was behind the expected milestones, and that of his peers when he turned 2, it was a daunting prospect to wait for an initial NHS SALT appointment. We wanted to be proactive if there were strategies we might use to support Oscar’s speech in the meantime.  I found Gail’s contact on the ASLTIP listing and we are so very pleased that we did. She came to our house (with toys which really delighted Oscar!) and was able to complete her assessment, give her expert opinion and offer numerous strategies for us to use.  These have been invaluable, I believe, in Oscar’s ongoing progress. She acknowledged, empathised and understood our concerns as parents and provided written resource and agreed a realistic timescale to review his progress. With agreement of Oscar’s nursery she had a session in nursery with both Oscar and his key worker which enabled them to use the same strategies we were at home.  Oscar is now at school and being supported there with his learning needs, but it is assuring to know that Gail is available as part of his ‘team’ and that he will be delighted to see her again should we need to. I cannot thank her enough for her expertise.

Lucy mum of Oscar


“she explained it so well to me as a parent”

Gail helped my daughter enormously with her speech and pronunciation of key sounds. She made the whole process fun for her so that even after a long day at school Hannah was engaged and learning. And she explained it so well to me as a parent that it was easy to know what to look out for and how to correct it in everyday situations. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Claire, Mum of Hannah aged 8


“couldn’t have been happier with Gail’s teaching”

Holly really enjoyed her speech therapy. She looked forward to the sessions and made excellent progress. She’s now 6 and has no speech problems whatsoever. We couldn’t have been happier with Gail’s teaching or the results.

Emily, Holly’s mum


“We noticed changes in Isaac straight away”

Gail is a wonderful speech therapist. We found her approach fun and playful which made Isaac instantly want to get involved. The techniques used were easy to understand and the little exercises and tips were easy to add into everyday life. We noticed changes in Isaac straight away and realised he was capable of much more than we’d known. We we’re always optimistic and excited to put into practice what Gail taught. The sessions have definitely given Isaac the good head start he needed.

Caroline mum of Isaac age 3