Although it is currently not possible for me to visit families at home, I am still able to offer the same high-quality therapy, just in different formats. I can provide:
– face-to-face interactive Speech Therapy sessions on ‘Zoom’ (a free video platform that’s easy to use)
– analysis and support of parent-child interaction based on your home videos (I am Verve-qualified therapist)
– resources to use at home including games and activities
– guidance and advice via phone consultation.
Give me a call on 07929512740 to discuss what’s best for your child, I’d be Happy to Talk.

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Here’s what one Mum thought:
“We were really excited to try out Gail’s new virtual speech therapy, and a little nervous at first as it’s such a different concept! The session was great though. Reece loved interacting on the computer and being able to see Gail and speak to her but also play games with her on the screen. The exercises used were varied and fun and broken up with chances to move about. Reece can’t wait until the next time and I feel reassured that during these challenging times we can continue to work on his development.”
– Helen, Sutton Coldfield


Before treatment can begin a Speech Therapist will need to carry out a thorough assessment of your child.
Speech Therapist

I prefer to assess children in their own home, where they are more relaxed and secure. I find this gives a more accurate picture of their communication skills.

I will start by asking you details about your child’s development and family history and then observe your child. The type of assessment varies according to the age of your child and nature of their difficulty, but will usually combine both informal and more formal testing.

We then discuss the findings and decide the most suitable way to proceed. This is followed up with a brief written summary of the session, with recommendations and any appropriate resources. An initial assessment lasts about 1 1/2 hours, giving you plenty of time to ask questions – it is important that you understand the nature of your child’s difficulty and how best to support them.

Speech therapists use many different treatment methods depending on the particular speech or language challenges faced by the child.


My therapy is flexible and tailored to meet the needs of your individual child and family situation. Some children may require weekly, fortnightly or monthly help; other families may need some initial advice and activities followed by a review in a few months time to monitor progress.

Other children may not need regular treatment at home, but would benefit from support within their nursery or school setting. Some parents request ideas or programmes for their child’s nursery or school, which I am happy to provide. These can be combined with a visit if felt appropriate and beneficial. Therapy needs to be effective, but also fun and rewarding for your child! We will work together, ensuring you are confident to carry out activities yourself at home in between sessions. This will maximise the success of therapy.

Speech Therapist